Little Rays of Sunshine

Little Ray's of Sunshine

1:17:00 PM

WOW it seems like forever since I sat down to do a rays of sunshine piece! What a blessing we can be in other peoples lives! Don't you think? You can do something as simple as what we will do this week...send a Thank You.

What got me thinking about sending Thank Yous this week is I don't think enough people use the traditional way of thanking people! You know...pen. Paper. Stationary. Stamp. What is more fun than opening your mailbox to find a hand written note from someone you care about?

Since my Uncle had the most amazing staff watching over him we took the time to find a card for the nursing staff at the hospital. My Grandma, Aunts and myself all wrote a special message in the card thanking them for being there for not only him but for us as well.

One time when Paul and I were like a year or two married I mailed a thank you card to my in law's on HIS birthday. Thanking them for such an amazing man. For without them...he wouldn't be possible! While we were dealing with the hospital hoopla I received an awesome gift in the mail. A gift from someone I don't know! I LOVE it! I adore it! It is SO me! So I am going to sit and write a nice thank you to let her know how appreciative I am! Remember our rays of sunshine can be simple. But they are mighty and impactful!

Now go out and be someone else's Ray of Sunshine! Have a blessed day!

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  1. may have to borrow that thank you letter to the in-laws idea! :)