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My saving grace - {cleaning products} - Part 1

3:17:00 PM

OK let me start out by saying that if you are an eco-friendly cleaning products mom. Stop here! Seriously...go! This post is NOT for you!

I just got off the phone a bit ago with my dear friend (also a blogger!) who just had baby #2 5 weeks ago. While on the phone she notices her oldest face turning beat red (AKA pooping) his underoos. She hollers RUN...GO...GET UP TO THE POTTY AND I WILL GIVE YOU 3 GUMMY BEARS! But...he couldn't get his bum in the potty fast enough so he decided to "clean out his drawers" for his mama just the way he has seen her do it a million times. By dumping out the yuckies into the toilet and rinsing them out. Lets think about this for a second...poopy undies, 3 year old and a toilet?! Hmmm...this makes for poopy water all over the bathroom! Enter mommy. I hear "Uh...what...uhhhh...I will call you back!" When she called me back she said HELP ME! I wanna know how you do it with 3! So I will tell you my fave cleaning products I told her...and why! (oh and this lovely picture you see below...yes...this is a before picture of the destruction my babies made on my house the other day! You ever see smoke come out of someones ears?)

My kids are usually really really helpful and make limited messes. Not saying they are perfect, they have their moments but I have never had a day like the one above! I had already spent that day cleaning and doing 8 loads of laundry! I was completely and utterly flabbergasted! As mad as I was I actually stayed pretty calm! lol! are my fave products:

1. Scrubbing Bubbles - Color foaming bathroom cleaner - I use my trusty Costco scotch brand sponges (yellow spongy on one side and green scrubby on the other) spray on the goods...scrub a dub really fast. Rinse out and DONE! I love having a shiny shower that I did little to no work on!

2. Windex foaming Glass Cleaner - OK now I am a Windex snob! I love their products (died laughing in My Big Fat Greek wedding when they spray Windex on everything! HA!) BUT when they came out with the foaming glass cleaner I was intrigued! I thought...really?! Could this be as good as it claims? Let me say it exceeded my expectations! It sprays on easily and stays put! SO if I need to run out and check on the kids...I run back and its STILL there! It doesn't leave streaks and I can see where I sprayed it! The only thing I don't like is don't breath in while spraying it! lol! BUT once sprayed it rocks!

3. Pledge wipes - these truly can be used on any surface! And they shine things up nicely with a touch of lemon smell! We have an awesome table we bought at Costco...but the downfall is it needs to be "shined" to keep it looking nice! I use these almost daily and they are perfect and easy to use!

4. Swiffer Wet Jet- I was at a friends house (now years ago!) and she pulled this puppy out! I loved how clean smelling her house was after using it and how EASY it was to use and no real mess when she was done! Of course, I immediately came home and bought one myself (thank you Kelly!). It doesn't leave a sticky finish like the old swiffer wet wipes did and I can throw the pads away when I am finished (so say there is piddle on the bathroom floor...I have a boy what do you expect?!). I adore it and I just vacuum my kitchen floor (how lazy am I?!) and then swiffer away!

5. Clorox Toilet Wand- not gonna lie here the nasty toilet brush sickens me out! It drips all over, someone (not me) that I will not name uses it instead of the darn plunger at times (ew ew and more EW!) so I threw them away and bought this! Not disappointed one bit that I did! I don't have to touch anything and I drop the used portion into the garbage when I am done! It has cleaner in it (even gets out the tough toilet bowl stains!) on a scrubby style end! Easy peasy. Done!

These are just a few of my go to products! I will tell you more on Monday! I am in NO way's affiliated with any of the companies or products I mentioned above. All oppinions are based solely on my own. However if you are from one of the companies above and need a product me!

Have a blessed day!

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