A day in the life of me!

11:56:00 AM

Wednesday we went to a shopping center in Keizer, OR to meet up with a friend that is moving. She is like the hanger fairy and brought me 2 of the largest bags of kid hangers you have ever seen! Normally I wouldn't need that many hangers but I am working on tagging/hanging up kid clothing for the Just Between Friends sale! I am over storing mounds of clothes only to turn around and NOT put them on the next in line! As it is Ava Faith is just now in 12 month clothing at a year and a 1/2 and most of her sister's clothes she never got a chance to wear! SO we will see how the sale goes! I am hoping to sell most if not all the items I put in the sale! Fingers are crossed! While we were there we decided to stretch our legs and pick up crickets for our frog at the pet store. The kids shuffled around the store checking out all the animals and Ava Faith SCREECHED with delight each time she could see directly into a cage! The bunnies were her favorite! She followed her brother and sister around with complete precision. Looking at the wonders of the fish tanks, mouse cages, kitty cats (which she screamed loudly BEAR BEAR! Our cats name!)

We went to check out the reptiles while we waited for "crickets al dente", and the kids were thrilled as they checked out frogs from Australia that looked slimy and and hung out in the water. Anoles that paced back in forth in front of the glass and then this guy:

He had the ultimate stare down contest with Mushy and she watched in awe...until...he LUNGED at her through the glass! She screamed and slapped the glass! I thought she was going to have a heart attack! It was pretty humorous as I think Mr. Bearded Dragon thought she was lunch!

This week my biggin's begged me to let them make their own lunch. With great hesitation...I gave in and let them dig in and get their arms all peanut buttery! You know when they were done I had to say they did a pretty darn good job and why don't I just say yes more often?

Then today I would have to say that having a boy is proving to be the hardest thing I have ever done! I go into the main bathroom to restock toilet paper and switch out towels and think MAN it smells like pee in here??!! Look at the rug. It's dry. Look in the toilet. It's flushed. Thought weird. Started to walk out and the light glistened upon a puddle. A puddle on the floor around the toilet. That little turkey downright peed all over my floor. Ugh! Needless to say I used my scrubbing powers upon the floor and have it fresh as daisy's again...ewww ewww gross! I will say that potty training has finally sunk in for the little guy! What was it July when I posted that we were starting? We started and stopped about 20 times since then! BUT I finally had it with changing his nasty diapers and used a little reversed psychology on him...oh yes I told him when he wanted to put undies on that "Nope. Lets put on a diaper cause undies are for big boys only and you are not a big boy yet." Sounds mean. I know. I did feel bad, but then you know what? It sunk in! All of a sudden about 2 weeks later he announces to me "I wearing big boy undies cause I a big boy now mommy". I said "are you sure?" he said yep and the rest is history! The kid is rockin' it with  mad potty skills (except this random "lets pee on the floor" situation!). We do not have him standing up yet...he sticks "Peter" in the potty lol! Sometimes he is done and his bum cheeks are christened!

Today we are lounging around at home. I had a chiropractic appointment and we were soaked from the bottom of our pant legs up so we declared it to be nothing but sweats, donuts and cartoons! I love these kind of days! The days where you can just sit back and observe the little people around you. How Mushy gets excited each time she sees her blankie and says "BABY" really loudly! How overly sensitive my 3 1/2 year old is so we have him go to his room to cry, for him to then turn around and say "I sowwy mommy...I all done now. I wuv you sooooo much!" To my princess and mommy in the making! "Mommy I have a great idea! I can vacuum out the insides of the couch and you don't need to help!" OK...that sentence is not really a fave of mine as I hear it regularly! And with our fluffy couches its a once a year task of mine that I am not about to!

My children bring me joy and uplift me on my bad days. They also tend to make me want to rip out my hair from time to time, but the laughter, fun and all around goodness about them fills up my cup till it runneth over!!

Have a blessed day!

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