One motivated mama

One motivated mama...

2:13:00 PM

OK...well I would like to be! Since having little Miss Ava Faith, I noticed I was feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. I like my home to be clean (I have finally given up on it being perfect and a maid does not fit into our budget!). I researched different things online (this was before Pinterest came into our lives!) and came across this: Motivated Mom Planner

I have now been using mine since last year! This is #2 that I have purchased and I ADORE it!! I bought the 1/2 sized planner this year. Last year I did the 1/2 sized plus bible readings and felt intimidated by the fact that I didn't have enough time to do all my readings. I fell behind. I used my paper cutter and cut the 1/2 sized in...half! lol! I then bought a clip board from Office Depot so that I can easily hang it in my kitchen!

The idea behind it is that you do ONLY that day's worth. You fall behind (as I do often!) you do not go back to the day before you just forge forward! It will all come back around! The items on the left hand side are daily stuff you do...daily! Then on the right hand side is each days items such as: restock toilet paper, change dish & bathroom towels, scrub tubs etc. I have found this method SO much easier than others that I have tried. I did the whole "bug" lady thing....(I know that's not what its called! I don't wanna get anyone mad at me!) and it was WONDERFUL...but I could NOT keep up with it to save my life! The emails became daunting to me and before I knew it I could be found crumpled on the ground in a ball in tears!

This planner has been my saving grace!! There is a code: GROUP that you can use to get $1 off. I am in NO way affiliated with this site...I just adore it and wanted to share! The next few weeks I will share a few more things around my home. From ways I am organizing, to the products I love to use! I am not a vinegar, baking soda and water girl. I do love the smell of bleach! Makes me feel like my home is clean! SO please if you are the baking soda/lemon girl...I applaud you!! I just like the easy go to my Target products and have FINALLY found some I love! Here is a sneak peak pic of a wee tiny bit of something I will show y'all next week! Can you guess what it is?

Have a blessed day!

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