Proverbs 31 Mama-prenuers

Proverbs 31 Mama-prenuers - Spotlight with Memories by Stephanie Photography

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Today's spotlight is a gal I met through one of my besties! She is a spunky, but shy, say it like it is type of mama! She rolls with a PRETTY cool crowd...if I do say so myself! I am so excited for you to meet her! This is out of her comfort zone to talk about herself so I give her mad props as this is not easy! BUT she was so excited and I am so very proud of her! Be sure to follow her on Facebook too! Without further is Stephanie!

Hello my name is Stephanie! I can be found behind the lens of Memories by Stephanie! My photography business I started in 2008. I am a momma to two; Brayden is 5 and Sydney is 2 1/2, wife to Chris, a daughter, sister, Jesus lovin', outspoken and an emotional lady!  I love photography and love diving in and trying to learn more.  I struggle to be the person I WANT to be, and I love the journey!   I was married young, a young mom (had my son 6 days after I turned 20), and have always felt way older than I was/am.  I truly enjoy being a stay-at-home momma, even when it's rough.  Working from home while the kids are home is tough, but I can't imagine not being with them all day everyday!

What inspired you to start your business/blog and become a mama-prenuer?

As a child, I ALWAYS loved taking pictures.  I can't even imagine if we had digital cameras back then how fun it'd be.  Having film, my mom rarely let me just take the camera.  I remember during family functions, I always reminded my mom to take the camera and would take so many pictures.  I used to have my finger over the flash in most pictures then, too!  Ha-ha as most women photographers, shooting my first child and wanting to get perfect shots of him really launched my LOVE of pictures to become a business.  First, I wanted to get great pictures of him, but then I wanted to do it all the time!  I remember a little while after I got my camera, BARELY even know what Manual mode was, I was laying in bed and my head was spinning with who I'd ask to shoot for free, how I would market myself (this was before Facebook was so popular too, I didn't even have a Facebook! lol), where I would shoot, how I could learn more, etc. 

What have been your greatest joys and challenges in your ventures?       
The challenges have been not feeling good enough. That I don't REALLY know enough. Questioning my pricing, wondering if people really like my pictures or they're just being nice, etc...  I struggle a lot with knowing I'm not THAT good and that there are SOOOO many other photographers better than me, that it makes me doubt myself a lot.  I usually just try to think of how much I LOVE doing it and that I know I don't charge as much, so I shouldn't feel too bad! Ha-ha I also have been trying to figure out what is ME.  I want to specialize in what I love to shoot the most.  I know a few "categories" that are my favorite but I'm not sure I want to stop shooting other things!  I honestly love shooting a variety but I want to be a 'master' of 1 or 2 areas! (Leish popping in - SHE ROCKS!!)

Another challenge is judging others....I'm going to be 100% honest here, and it's probably the truth for many others but no one else is saying it!  I have been challenging myself not to judge other people's work.  I don't usually judge their work necessarily, but when every person out there buys a camera and just becomes a photographer, it bugs me! I KNOW I was there at some point, but when they know nothing about light, composition, editing, camera settings, posing, etc...I feel bad for their 'clients' even though their clients love their work!  I guess if they're happy it shouldn't matter but it's almost like they're blind to anything photography related!  It's almost like I just want to hear the person say, "I know this isn't the best technical picture, but I'm learning and growing!" but what we see is them boasting about their work, and I get confused if they see what is wrong with it so they can grow.  But then I come to reality and realize it's not MY problem! It's been a struggle and I just feel lately like its being lifted from me and I'm not caring anymore.  I'm not focusing on it, and the only photographer I'm trying to compare myself to, is the one I used to be! It's a good lesson for all!  It may sound harsh, but I'm sure a lot of photographers (or "photographers" ha ha) reading this, agree they've struggled feeling it too!
The greatest joys have been seeing improvement (man, I sucked when I first started!), capturing my children in pictures I adore that I couldn't have captured without knowledge of how to use my camera & good ‘ol Photoshop, capturing pictures for people that they get to fall in love with, hearing compliments, and just being able to do something I feel so good about.  Oh, and it's just sooooo fun!

What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far?

Choosing my family first.   I've been stressed a lot since I started this business nearly 4 years ago, and it changed the mother that I am and I didn't like it.  I decided in 2012 I wasn't shooting weddings for MBS Photography because the stress and time wasn't worth any dollar amount.  They took way to much from me (all around) and I knew it needed to be done.  That being said, I LOVE shooting weddings, so I'll be a second shooter as needed by other local photographer friends!
Where do you want to take your business/blog in the future? Any partnerships you are looking for?

I really need to keep up on my blog!  I got one about a year ago and am horrible with updating it!  Partnerships that I would LOVE are people that make photography prop related items (fun clothes or headbands, etc) that love to swap items for professional pictures!

What's one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you were getting started? 
That I really wasn't that good to start charging when I did!  I shot for free for a good 6 months or so, and then even after that I did about $100 for a CD of a ton of images, but I shouldn't have been charging.  I see so many people out there today that do the same thing.  The only reason it bugs me, is because I go back and look at my first few years of work and CRINGE that I charged people.  Yes, you do get what you pay for, but is it worth it?   Yes, getting your wedding for $500-600 for all day coverage and a ton of images is cheap, but I'm sad for people who have those pictures.  And I took them!

What are the three things you never leave home without?    
Chap stick                                                                                                                                      Snacks                                                                                                                                             Bottle of water                                                      (the purse and the kids were obvious choices!)

What is the hardest part about juggling family, kids, friendships, home & your business/blog
Just doing it.  I can't figure it out! Lol If I have work to do, my house is a mess...  I focus mainly on my kids, the gym, work and then the house.  Trying throwing your husband, friendships, family, Bible study and regular day to day errands, it's hard!!!  It's the hardest to work from home because your kids are there when you're trying to get work done and they're not a daycare not making your house a mess while you work!
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  2. sorry I meant to say fun read and thanks for sharing.. I love the baby in purple pic! :)

  3. After reading this blog, I just had to speak up. I was Stephanie's very first customer and I would like to refute the comments she made about her work when she first started. It is entirely inaccurate, she in no way "sucked". This was my wedding day, a day I will always cherish...and I am able to look back at the PHENOMENAL photos she captured and they still take my breath. They let me see that the pure happy I remember being in my heart that day was also apparent on my face, portrayed through Stephanie's art and photographic expression. It was her first job....and I wouldn't trade my wedding day photographer for anything....and based on the photos I have seen on her website since then....she's only gotten better.

  4. Oh silly girl! I know you love your wedding photos! I appreciate the compliment! :)

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