Framed tiles

Framed tiles

3:05:00 PM

Can you tell that I am on a big "tile" kick lately? I love taking my kids to the ceramics shops to paint. But there really is only so many piggy banks and figurines you can have before they start to take over your home! I wanted to do something framed that we could keep forever and the kids would enjoy looking back at.

First off I suggest you find some good friends to tag along! It makes the whole experience THAT much more fun!

I had my kiddos each paint 1 tile (we did the 4x4" tiles) anyway that they would like! I was really impressed with their work! I then painted tiles 1 solid color (I did 3 layers...blow drying in-between layers to make sure it was fully covered!) I then painted their hands with a color of their choice and stamped their hand down on my tile I had already pre-painted.

We had to wait a few weeks which was the hardest part! In the meantime I found a great website called Aftosa. They carry all kinds of frames etc for hanging your finished tiles! I was thrilled that not only were their prices EXTREMELY reasonable but they offer free shipping too!

I ordered a simple black frame with 2 spots for tiles. I used my trusty E-6000 glue and used q-tips to apply it to my frame. (as you can see I am fueled by Starbucks! I adore my new Cozy by Bananafana Baby! They will be featured on Thursday!)

This is what the back of the frames look like! Nicely made. Has a hole for hanging on a screw and felt pads so it will not scratch the walls.

 Apply a generous amount of E-6000 to a q-tip and apply in all the edges of the frame. Also apply a generous amount down the center.

Stick your tiles in the desired spot 1 at a time. I pressed down to be sure they were firmly set! Stick aside till completely dry (I would wait about 24 hours!)

My 3 frames were ready for hanging so I had the kids help me find the perfect spot!

I adore how they turned out (yes I am not that great at hanging...but looks good to me!). Have a blessed day!!

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  1. What a great idea! Where is there a place to paint tiles? I would love to do this with my kids :-) thanks for posting cute!


    1. I went to 2 different places! One was in Lake Oswego Diomonti (I think!!) and the other was in the shopping center on Murrey Hill next to Starbucks! There is a place downtown Sherwood where the tiles are VERY reasonably priced! They are spendy at the Murrey hill place!! You can ask at any of the pottery places where the tiles are and on the Aftosa site there are different sized frames!! Glad you liked it!!