Pick your plum

Pick your Plum

10:14:00 AM

Holy coolness Batman! I want one of these bad boys!! Pick your Plum has slap watches for only $4.95 each!! I can count off the top of my head about 10 people I could get one for! These would make awesome additions to Birthday presents for boys OR girls!! And they have SO many colors to choose from!!

  • Orange Sherbet

  • Pink Cotton Candy

  • Coconut White

  • Mixed Berry Purple

  • Island Punch Blue

  • Crisp Red Apple

  • Licorice Black

  • You could add them to Easter Baskets...I wonder if they would fit in Easter eggs??!! Oh the options! I love that you could have a CUTE watch to go with every outfit! Can you tell I LOVE Pick your Plum??

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