Pick your plum

Pick your Plum

8:48:00 AM

OH me oh my OH me oh my!! Today's Plum Pickin' is one for the the takin'! The price is ridonculously cheap...yes I busted it out! I see CRAFTS in my future with these puppies!! Go HERE!! and see what I am talking about!

Spring is in the air (at least it is here in Oregon!) we have been wondering what to call that large, rather bright thing in the blue sky? I mean come on...we shouldn't see sun until at least April! Oh and if you are wondering YES I bought some! Duh! Way too stinkin' cool! Use this "click on me"  spot or you can click on the the link on the side of my blog to take you there! Price you ask? $2.95! Yep! Your thinkin' what I'm thinkin'! And if your not...well then you should!

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