February photo challenge

February Photo challenge Day 5

3:23:00 PM

I know...its the 6th! BUT we were totally caught up in parties yesterday so I never got a chance to get my photo challenge uploaded!! I am super excited though (totally unrelated to the photo challenge!) my dear friend Kara asked me if I would be interested in helping run a segment for moms of businesses (SAHM type) cause we are all struggling to make it in this world, this economy and in this life! We decided today the name will be Proverbs 31 Mama-prenuers! So stay tuned we will be coming at ya with spotlights from businesses and working together to empower each other and help focus on each others strengths in such a negative economy and challenging time! Our goal is to help bring focus to what's important, giving tips, ideas, answer questions and have some fun along the way!! I don't wanna spill all the beans now...but just know it is SO beyond awesome!

(10 a.m. - we were reading the book of Mathew in church at 10 a.m.!!)

(I figured I could double duty it and show you my 10 a.m. today! Honestly while I was taking this picture I was COMPLETELY giddy that the Valentine's Day cups were out at Starbucks and had "Isn't she lovely" stuck in my head! Still do actually! Great! lol!)

Have a blessed day and let me know how your photo challenge is going! DYING to hear!!

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