birthday candle

Sparkly Candle!!

1:04:00 PM

For Emily Grace's Rainbow themed birthday party I decided I didn't like the "rainbow" candles you could buy at the I bought these:

(jewels & sparkly glitter glue from Michael's and candle from grocery store)

And I made my own!! I LOVE how it turned out, in fact one of my besties did too...her daughters birthday is this weekend and SHE is using it! lol!

First cover your candle with the glitter glue...I globbed lots on (I did one side one day...let it dry over night and then decorated the other side...just an FYI up front!)

Strategically place your jewels on so it fully covers your candle!

Then VOILA! A gorgeous rainbow jeweled candle to adorn your cake! (yes I designed the cake!)

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