Oreo Cookie pops

Oreo Cookie Pops

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When I saw a picture of these on Pinterest they were elaborate and adorable (but of course NO tutorial!) so I decided HECK I can do this! Bring on the chocolate! I will tell you I found it much more complicated than I would have expected due to the fact the oreo's like to fall apart and slide off the stick the second you stick them in the chocolate! But we had fun with them anyhow and I dipped them as Emily Grace went to town on the sprinkles! I will tell you we had not 1 leftover...so they must have been good!

First you will need:


and then you will:

Make sure that you hold BOTH sides of the cookie and slowly push the lollipop stick in place about 1/4 to 1/2 way into the cookie.

Fill a sauce pan ONLY 1/4 of the way full with water and bring to boil. Meanwhile take a metal pan (make sure fully metal!) and stick over your saucepan.

I used white chocolate as I wanted the rainbow theme! Dump 1/2 of the bag of chocolate (we used a whole package of oreo's) and about a tsp of oil (canola, vegetable etc). Stir until fully melted.

Chocolate will be creamy and smooth. Remove from heat and with the help of a spatula cover your oreo's. Don't worry if they fall apart, just make sure both sides are covered (careful chocolate is HOT!) and place them on parchment paper to set up...if broken just smooth some more chocolate over the cookie. I then let Emily Grace cover in sprinkles! I let them cool fully on the counter top (about an hour) and then when they were hardened I placed them on a plate (gently!) and stuck in the fridge!

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