Blackberry Lemonade Cupcakes

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I was helping to host a baby shower for a dear friend and I have to tell ya that I found a recipe on Pinterest for Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes (they looked delicious)...and it got me thinking WOW the recipe was...well not difficult...but way more effort than I wanted to give! SO I bought a box of lemon cake mix...mixed it as the directions called and baked them in cupcake liners! I let them cool over night with a towel covering them and the next morning...

I took a container of cream cheese frosting (you can make your own cream cheese frosting too, in fact I have a super easy delicious one I use on my cinnamon rolls you can find HERE!) and then dumped in about 3 spoon fulls of blackberries (I used the frozen kind that I thawed out to be able to use the juice as the food coloring!)

Turn your mixer on low speed. When you see the mixture clumping into the whisk be sure to use a spatula and scrape out so that it mixes evenly.

Then turn your mixer on high for a few seconds to mix well!

The Blackberry Lemonade cupcakes turned out DIVINE! You could even use a wee bit of lemon zest in your batter to make more "homemade" if you want and top your frosting off with a fresh berry!

I was excited to have a chance to use my cake stand that I showed y'all how to make before! (tutorial is found HERE!)

My girl Erica loves food just about as much as I do! Whenever she sees me she asks what I am making and what I am cooking! So I made my Farmhouse Chicken Salad Sandwiches for her using one of my fave display boxes and wrapped them individually in wax paper for guests to easily take! (Recipe is HERE!) I used country potato bread instead of my go to cheesy crusty bread as it was easier for everyone to eat!

Lots of fun and memories to be shared! It was an honor to shower her with love! I just adore Erica! She is the truly the hands and feet of Jesus and such an amazing person to be around! We actually met while pregnant with Mush (my #3 Ava Faith) and her 2nd child William and we bonded even more the day we walked into Hearts at Home at church and there she was standing hair frazzled, unslept, pj's peeking from her cardigan and she looked at me the same way...without a bra on and she laughed and said "I just realized I came in my slippers! I totally forgot to put on shoes!" She is a crack up and a sweet heart to boot!

Have a blessed day!

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