Lead by example

Lead by example

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Ever have one of those days where your life flashes back to high school? I will be honest...I rolled with the "popular" crowd my first few years of high school. Dated a football player and was captain of the cheer squad. Felt like I was on top of the world. But then my world came tumbling down when my parents decided it was time for me to attend the school in the town we lived. The school was tiny. We didn't even have a street light! I remember going to the lake with my friends JUST the Summer before and we all snickered and laughed about THANK GOD we don't go to THAT school. Well. Eat my words, that very next school year. I was placed in the school. An outcast. A nobody. Status from my other school didn't matter here. They had all been together since the came out of the womb. My first year was tough. I fought back tears on a daily basis. I was the new girl with big ears. The tiny one. I was picked on, teased and felt left out. It took what seemed like forever to make friends. Some kids were mean up till graduation. Back biting, teeth gnashing, hardcore and crude. Life will always be filled with those people. But we push past and look forward and life is so much better than you think. Once I got to know people it became home. They are who shaped and molded me. They helped me to become stronger and step out of my bubble. Funny thing is when you get together after all these years later...people grow up. You start to hear more apologies and can laugh out loud about the things that you felt were your world. And then there are the few that never really change.

(I was the ripe ol' age of 17 here!)

(My mom and my dad (no I don't look like them...! I look like my biological dad) This was when I was Miss Teen Oregon and was sponsored by KUGN Country! I had photo shoots done with Joe Diffie,  Boy Howdy and HOLY cow...one other singer! Age 15)

(I cannot believe I used to part my hair down the middle! What was I thinking?! Age 16)

Now fast forward to the days that unfold. Some days I feel like I am still struggling to survive the cliques. I have my core group of friends, I have my friends I hang with any chance we get and then you have friends that you roll with the same crowds but never feel like you fully break down that barrier wall. You know the type that when they say "hi" doesn't feel sincere? You try desperately (not sure WHY!) to always be on there good side, always smile and sincerely strike up conversations but you don't feel as though they wanna really give you the time of day? All the fears from high school come back: Is there something in my teeth? Do I smell? Am I not good enough for you? Did I do something wrong? And although it really shouldn't matter. You shouldn't hold your breath and you should just move on and say "whatever! YOUR the one missing out!" you still can stop the feelings of hurt creeping back up.

I don't want a fake friend. I don't even want to be acquainted with one! If you want to be my friend then be there. Be real! When you smile and say HI...mean it. With all sincerity, whole heartedly. Like you mean it! 

I am NOT by any means saying that I am perfect. Cause Lord knows I am not. I am just saying lead by example and when you speak to others...think about YOUR little girl and the kid at school that is talking to them. Do you lead by example? Next time you see someone think about the way you make them feel. Do you leave them with a smile on their face...or do you leave them with a crack in their exterior? Too many cracks cause a foundation to crumble.

Depart from evil and do good. - Psalm 34:14

I have a challenge for you this week. DO something for someone you hardly know or haven't taken the full opportunity to get to know better. Be there and be a friend.

Even a child is known by his doings. - Proverbs 20:11

And when the world gives you lemons remember: God is Love. -1 John 4:8 We need to go out into this world and live & love like Jesus. Even Jesus loved the lepers, the prostitutes and those our society dub unworthy! Our childrens eyes are always watching. Their ears are always listening. Lead by example!

Now go out and be awesome!

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  1. Aleisha, You are an amazing example of a true friend! I love your smile, your genuine welcoming spirit and I respect your perseverance through the trials and challenges you are courageous to share with us. Thank you for the reminder to be real.

  2. I always looked up to you in high school Aleisha! I thought you were very beautiful(and popular)and I still think you are gorgeous!! You were true and sweet, and kind to everyone! Thank you for posting this...You are wonderful!I wish I lived closer because I would love to be part of your circle!!