sick days

We've seen better days!

12:06:00 PM

Thanksgiving was a blast! But right before, my youngest got a double ear infection and small case of pneumonia. After the first dose of antibiotic she turned into a completely different baby and started using her little walker all around the house! Too cute for words in my book! We had a great time with family (although the drive took us 6 hours when usually only takes 3!). Came home and baby love started to not feel well again. Yesterday she had a temp of 103 and then last night I started to not feel good. This morning she and I woke up with a really nasty head cold! Can't this mama catch a break?! Honestly it is kinda nice to blog a moment in my PJ's, letting the big buggers watch classic Christmas movies. Heat cranked up, laundry going, hair not brushed and about to start up the ol' crock pot! (recipe I am making today is: Creamy Crock Pot Chicken)

Needless to say a day in PJ's is just what the doctor ordered! If you don't like will have to deal with the Mushy don't wanna mess with her! Enjoy the recipe and have a blessed day!

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