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Soy Free Stir Fry

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I found out about 10 years ago (the hard way!) that I am allergic to soy! The news was crushing as I love Chinese food! There is very little I can get without soy! I found one great little bento place that will make me a special bento and has concocted yumminess in every way! I adore the owner! Also PF Changs has got to be hands down my fave place! YUM! They have a soy free menu and I get the Changs Spicy chicken and the Chicken Stir fry! Because of my soy allergy and the way it effects me (asthma) my kids are to stay away also! Asthma is usually hereditary (already showing signs in my oldest child) and soy allergies act as a dairy allergy would. Most likely if you have a soy allergy, your children will too!

Anyhow, to make a long story short I figured out a DELICIOUS way to make homemade stir fry completely soy free!

1 each red, yellow & green bell pepper sliced
1 pack pre-sliced mushrooms
1/2 cabbage chopped *green
2 crowns broccoli stems cut off (like if you were to make broccoli!
2 whole carrots washed and then using a peeler peel into strips
1 yellow onion halved and then chopped into slices
6 eggs
2 chicken breast or 4 chicken thighs
fresh ginger
ground ginger
sesame seed oil
3 1/2 cups cooked rice

In large wok style pan pour in about a pancake size of sesame oil and pre-heat on med. Place in raw chicken sliced into strips.

DOUSE with ginger powder...adding in more sesame oil as needed.

 When chicken is fully cooked move to the side of the pan (creating a circle) and crack eggs into center and "scramble"!

Douse with ginger powder, salt and pepper to taste. Move to sides with chicken.

Dump in broccoli. Cover and cook for about 4-5 minutes.

 Add in peppers & onions. Place on lid. When broccoli is no longer crunchy (unless you like it that way!) dump in carrots, mushrooms and cabbage. Cook until soft. Turn off heat and mix in the cooked rice. Mix together and enjoy!


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