12 days of Christmas

12 days of Christmas

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I have always wanted to start a tradition of celebrating the 12 days before Christmas...I mean as a FAMILY! Doing 1 thing each night. Together. No drama. Just FUN! Well we figured this year is as good as any to get started! Paul and I sat down together and made up a list of ideas. MOST we will just draw out of a jar to see what we get. BUT being it is around the holiday we do have a few nights with plans so we tried to incorporate either IT or something else that would be festive too!

Here is the list we came up with:

  1. Make snowflakes - our plan is to cover the entire dining room window using light blue and white paper of course and maybe even hang some with clear thread in areas!
  2. Make a paper chain. - you know the kind where you use construction paper and cut them into strips and then wrap them to make a chain? The kids have their very OWN tree so we will put the chain on their tree afterwards!
  3. Christmas lights - we will put on our pj's. Make up some hot cocoa and drive around the neighborhoods checking out all the Christmas lights! We have a really neat area up here called Peacock Lane and am hoping we can make it over there as well!
  4. Zoo Lights - nuff said!
  5. Christmas Movie night - make popcorn, cuddle on the couch and watch a Christmas movie in its entirety together as a family!
  6. Ornaments - make & decorate an ornament
  7. Cookies - make & decorate cookies
  8. Movie outing - take the kids to see Arthur Christmas which we have heard is really cute!
  9. Community Group Party - here is one of those "pre-planned" things that we incorporated!
  10. Picture - make a new "arm" picture. I will take a picture of this as we do it so you can see what I am talking about! We have a 12x12 frame and we will use light blue paper, tan, blue, white & light blue paint and make a "family tree" picture by using Paul's arm as the trunk, my hands as the large part of the tree and then the kids hands as the different snow!
  11. Nativity Scene - we are on the hunt for a great Nativity we can take the kids too! Know of any do let me know!

(the kids tree we keep in the dining area and they can decorate however they want!)

and lastly we did this one LAST night and had a complete blast: Order pizza - eat it around the coffee table using only paper cups, paper plates and turning off all lights except the Christmas lights! We had a great time! Even little Ava Faith was standing at the coffee table chowing down! When we were finished eating we sang songs together, laughed, chatted about what we love about Christmas. Most importantly WHAT Christmas is really truly about! I am so glad we did this! So far not regretting it!

What exciting things do you have planned for the next few weeks before Christmas? I would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Another thing we started this year is taking the big kids separately and letting them shop for each other (brother & sister or sister & sister) and also for us (well I should say for daddy as I am the one that has taken them!) I do not regret doing this at all! Give them a budget, let them shop and then come home and let them wrap the present too! They are so proud and so excited that I can not wait to see them when they give the present on Christmas morning! A little lesson in GIVING not RECEIVING!

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