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Book review - Room

11:27:00 PM

I know...I know! I have been so busy I have neglected YOU, my friends! But I do have to say my life has been ridiculously crazy lately! On top of (going to be 5) year old's birthday is THIS week! OMG! To top it off I am JUST starting to plan things out! Yep. Been that busy!

We escaped this weekend to my parents house in the mountains. While we were there I brought along a novel I have been meaning to sink my teeth into! To be honest, I usually get side tracked when I read and put it down for a few months weeks and then try to "get back into it"! This time I chose Room written by Emma Donoghue (you can find a link HERE!)

OK after you read the book the above clip will send chills down your spine! Totally NOT kidding! I read it in 2 days! I couldn't put it down! ME! Mama of 3!

The book is narrated by 5 year old Jack. It is about him and Ma and revolves around room. It was gripping, eye opening, freaky, sad, happy, literally made me jump outta my seat! At times I actually teared up! I don't wanna say too much without giving the whole book away...but DO go find it at your library, on Amazon, at your book store (are there any left?!) wherever you can! I bought my copy at Costco (now this was like last year...but hey, you never know!)

Read the book and then tell me what you think! GREAT book!

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