Big Birthday ooops!

7:49:00 PM

Well...I am currently working on some of the photos of Noah's 3rd birthday party! It was fantastic! That is really all I wanna share with you now is that it turned out exactly how I was hoping! Anyhow...I did wanna show you the OOPS that happened literally an hour and a 1/2 before the party started. I have told you all before that I actually design the cakes with my decorators! I ALWAYS use Gus and Ryan at Lambs Thriftway in Wilsonville, Oregon! I kid you not, they are HANDS down the best! They are so used to me that they were actually worried when I was a few weeks late coming into order this years fabulous creation!

I have never had to say I need a cake stabilizer or whatever they are called. They are always just put in them...well. This year. My poor hubby (I say poor, cause he had a mess of a wife on his hands when he came home!) picked up the cake and it started crumbling as he drove home. He isn't a Nascar driver and he knows to take it easy...well. The cake was not placed on a it completely crumbled.

I was in tears. I lost my mind when I saw this cake. COMPLETELY! It looked exactly how I had wanted it, the corn fields, fence, tractor you name it. Gorgeous. But. It was a loss. After 10+ minutes of freak out time (which my hubby got to experience a whole new side of me!) I finally called the bakery. The girl tells me to just bring the cake in and they can fix it. I told her..."you don't understand. It is NOT fixable!" she said "Oh no, we can fix it. Wait. Hold on just a sec." she comes back to the phone and says "Is this Aleisha?" I said "Yes." so she says "Ryan says he is making you a new one right now. To have someone come pick it up."! I LOVE my cake decorators. Have I said that yet?! Now you will notice the new cake there was one thing missing...the Y on Birthday! BUT in an hour...that is NOT bad! You will have to wait to see the outcome!!

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