Lazy days

10:46:00 AM

After the last few weeks I have not been doing anything that I am supposed to! Instead we have been enjoying lazy days and relaxing! Something that is usually hard to come by for me! I have to say having my Scentsy burning with the Baked Apple Pie scent is really helping get into my hunker down mode! Oh how I love Fall!

I wanted to share with you 2 of my children's favorite books! On days like these it's nice to snuggle up in a large blanket and read! My kids have these two book practically memorized and its so much fun!

The first is:

(FYI you can't click to look inside! But you can if you go to Amazon by going here!)

My kids love how the have to guess WHY the letter is for that animal. It helps them to think outside of the box and gives them a little more insight to things about the animals. The illustrations are fantastic and I never get bored reading this book to them!

The second book is:

(again you can't click the picture to look inside BUT you can click this link!)

This book is incredibly silly! The story is fun as you can make the sounds like daddy and the illustrations are hilarious! My favorite page is with Hammy the Hamster! This is definitely a laugh out loud book! Usually Paul likes to make the "daddy sounds" while I am reading the book!

Let me know if you read these two books what your children thought of them! Do you have any good book recommendations?

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