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Summer Adventures

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So here it is! The fantastic hike we 5 took yesterday!

Y'all able to read that OK?! Magness Memorial Tree Farm is located in Sherwood, Oregon! Sherwood just so happens to be rated in the top 100 family friendly cities in the entire USA! Located off of Ladd Hill Rd. It is just a short drive from the freeway!

Magness is an 80 acre internationally recognized demonstration forest and outdoor education site. The land was donated in 1977 by local residents Howard and Panzy Magness. Additional land was later donated by the Robert Heater family. It is private property! But is open for public use 7 days a week from 9-5 p.m. (9-7 p.m. Memorial Day-Labor Day). There is 2 1/2 miles of forest hiking trails to explore! We asked the kids if they would like to take the long harder route which is 1 1/2 and the full 2 miles or the shorter easier trail which is less than a can bet your britches they chose...the harder trail!

Looking up into the trees is breathtaking! Or as Noah said at one point "It's so bwitty" (pretty)

The kids loved being able to touch and feel the moss covered trees and we even collected acorns along the trails!

The tureen is a lot of hills. Some steep and some steady! The brush is thick and there is all kinds of wild plants and critters to see! At one point we were walking along and I saw what looked like a large worm (don't laugh at me too hard please!) when I got closer I realized...duh...its a snake! Mind you I DO NOT like snakes or spiders but this one was really small so I had the kids come over to look as it was scrambling away from us. It was neat to watch as it slithered over top of a cobweb not even breaking through the cobweb!  We rounded a few more corners and Emily Grace SCREAMED. I looked over and a LARGE snake had slithered across the path and was escaping into the bushes once it heard my mighty girls holler! Ew ew ew!

There is a creek that flows through the property and the water is crystal clear! Just like where I grew up and made me very homesick! We watched the skeeter eaters dance across the waters and enjoyed the mellow sounds of the water orchestra.

There were a few spots that had a more large open meadow type space. Emily Grace picked dandelions and made wishes just the way I used to. A child after my own heart. The first one to hear my heart from the inside...

About a mile and a 1/2 into the hike we took a small break to re-hydrate and relax! I loved how Noah's little feet dangled so far away from the ground. It for once captured the essence of how small he truly is. I look at him most days and see a little boy where a baby once sat!

Aaah. Just like the good ol' days! You know back when you first start dating or get married and you wanna capture "goofy" pictures as my DH calls them! That's why I love him so much, he puts up with my quirks!

We finally are almost to the end of the 2 1/2 mile hike that my 2 year old, 4 year old, hottie of a hubby and myself carrying a 10 month old hiked on a 90 degree day! I would say these kids are champs! We have never seen Noah red in the cheeks so we knew he was working hard today! One thing we loved about this place was the trees create enough shade that you are nice and cool with a slight warm breeze!

Make sure to check out the old Ford tractor out front. I don't know who was more or Noah!

Make sure you take water and don't forget to rest as needed along the trails! There is benches placed through out the trails!

Oh and little Mush Mush...she was REALLY happy...especially after this...

Yep...she gave me a nice "shower" as we were almost to the swagger wagon! Paul laughed and said...are you sure it was Ava? Oh the joys of motherhood! Honestly a little pee ain't gonna stop me!

And finally as we drove home, we turned around to see this! My heart is filled with bliss!

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