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Well here goes...I have exactly 1 month until my handsome little man's birthday party! I can not believe he is going to be 3! We are practicing holding up 3 fingers which has been humorous to say the least! Anyhow I will be featuring between now and then some of the decorations I am making leading up to the big day...oh and yep...have my youngest's 2 weeks after him so there will be some of hers as well!

Noah has actually chosen a "tractor" themed birthday party and I am having so much fun with ideas! I can hardly contain myself! He picked out the paper himself for his "N"!

You are going to start by laying your letter upside down on the backside of the paper you want to use. Take a pencil and trace around your letter.

You will then take scissors and cut out your letter.

Then take PERMANENT scrap booking adhesive and cover the letter all around the edges and zig-zagging across the middle. I made the mistake of using removable one was a huge waste of my time!

Take the scrapbook paper you cut out and place on top of your letter...making sure that you have everything lined up and even!! That is key!

I love a more distressed look so I take fine grit sand paper all around the edges scuffing up the paper! I added this metal star I had found before Craft Warehouse closed down! Loved that it was identical to the paper!

Here is some I had made for my daughters room using the same technique but after I sanded the edges I took a piece of a sponge dabbed in some stamp ink and quickly brushed the edges! I love buying my letters at Joanne's as they have a great assortment of letters in different styles!

I also made these ones for my best friends baby shower! I set them up for part of the decoration at the shower and they now hang in her nursery!

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  1. Hope's party is Saturday and I haven't even begun on anything! I should have started a month ago like you.