bee sting

Floats like a butterfly...stings like a BEE...

9:27:00 AM

Well I made the mistake (unknowingly!) of watering my plants and somehow I was all up in this bee's grill and I didn't even know it! He got so mad at me that he flew up my shorts and sucker punched me with his stinger!

I would love to say I told that son of a Bee off...but unfortunately he was a coward and disappeared before I had the chance. Tears swelled in my eyes and I ran for the house trying to keep my composure...that is until I saw my husband walk into the house and then I could let my guard down and burst into tears! He grabbed me a frozen teether and I sat on the couch to wallow in my misery.

As I was feeling sorry for myself (still it really hurts!) I glanced around and chuckled! You definitely know I am a mom from this picture! Folded laundry on the couch, Gerber puffs scattered on the floor, exersaucer and toys scattered about and a purple fishy teether on my leg!

Anyhow here are some tips if you or your child gets stung by a bee:

Watch your child carefully after he has been stung by a bee to determine if an allergy exists. If he begins to exhibit signs that he has difficulty breathing, call 9-1-1 immediately.

If a stinger is visible, remove it immediately. Scrape it away from the skin using a credit card or your nails, but take care to not squeeze or pinch the skin to get the stinger out. Doing so can release more venom or push the stinger in even further. If you know your child has no allergies to bees, you can administer an antihistamine such as Benadryl to calm itching or apply calamine lotion to the affected area. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen will ease any discomfort.

Anyhow I am off to feel sorry for myself and stare at my leg some more! My husband thought it would be funny to show a picture of HIS leg in place of my leg up top and play it off as my own. He is hairy legged majorly is 1/2 Italian...need I say more? Oh that guy...such a comedian.

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    EVERY Home, purse, car and diaper bag should have one of these in it! They are amazing!!! Cheyanne (4) has been stung 5 times so far and she is instantly back playing as soon as you put it on! Our family does not go without it ever! Cheap and wonderful :)