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2:50:00 PM

We arrived home from my parents late last night (9 p.m.) and rushed the kids through bath time and then bed only to awake to the horrible object we call an "alarm clock"! BUT today was a big day. The very last first day of Preschool for my sweet girl! I don't know who was more or her! I scoured Pinterest for a great printable but came up empty handed. So being a girl of craft I decided to use my Memories Suite and make up my own! I have yet to figure out how to make them so YOU can download...but until then if you find one you would like please comment with your email address and I will email it to you!

I made Emily Grace stand outside so I could take a few hundred *kidding* or am I?! pictures! I am a picture feen!

We then went off to school with a special present for her teachers in hand! She was THRILLED to be able to give a present to her teachers! I bought the newest lotion scent at Bath and Body Works (which ends up being only $1 per bottle!!) and made a tag that says: I hope your year goes smoothly love Emily Grace. I also attached a button to a ribbon and attached it for extra added cuteness! I was thrilled with how it turned out and the best part was it was simple!

Her teachers giggled and Emily Grace was on cloud 9! We also had to take pics with her bff since she was 2 Bailey! They have been lucky enough to be in the same class both Preschool years!!

And NO we did not call each other ahead of time and plan out the outfits! But we did get asked this question!

It was a wonderful first day and now we have the task of decorating her school bag! I am thinking we will use Tulip fabric paints and make some freezer stencils! They are a "doggie" theme this year so something along those lines!

Have a great day and if your little ones are off to school...congrats!! What an exciting day!

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