Summer Adventures

12:41:00 PM

If you have never experience the Oregon Coast...you are missing out my friend! Honestly I don't think I could live much further than a few hours away! Despite what rumour says, the beach can be sunny and warm and completely take your breath away! From time to time the wind picks up which is perfect for kite flying. But on calm days there is nothing better than splashing in the waves, building sand castles and making a bonfire before bed!

We are kind of spoiled as our family owns a few houses along the beach in Rockaway Beach, Oregon! Each Summer we spend a whole week with the entire family (I mean Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grand Parents, Great Grand Parents! The whole shebang!) There is a good 75-100 family members present!

Our homes are nestled just diagonal from the rocks and boasts hot tubs, sunning decks, beach volleyball courts! Let's just say you never want to leave!

This year we decided to take the train ride! Noah has been wanting to ride a train for a while and honestly it was a great excuse to get out and relax a while! I highly recommend NOT wearing a dress though! Just my two cents!

We hopped on in Rockaway Beach and it took us a 1/2 hour to Garibaldi. You get to see the ocean, the bay and all kinds of neat areas! Honestly it was a great trek! Noah was in his element and completely mesmerized! There is a 1/2 hour layover and then it takes you the 1/2 hour back to Rockaway Beach. The cost is $16 for adults and $9 for kids 3 and up (we narrowly missed having to pay for Noah!)

Our next adventure was tide pools! But I need to be honest here...tide pools are not what they were as a kid. Makes me very sad! It used to be you would find starfish, sea anemones and more! You now find some fish, tiny crabs and if you are lucky a hermit crab or two! We parked along the freeway almost to Pirates Cove restaurant and followed the lead of some others! There is a trail that takes you down as you cross the railroad tracks and climb down some rocks!

It was a ton of fun and very relaxing! We were teaching the kids about what to step on and what not to. About how the sand collects shells and after time becomes a solid rock. We found a hermit that when we picked it up he decided he didn't like the shell and climbed out! If you look at the water picture above you can find a fish!

We had a wonderful time as always and look forward to our next adventure!

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