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Today is our 6th wedding anniversary! Instead of having a weekend away just the two of us we decided to make a "Thanksgiving" dinner and walk the local Farmer's Market! It was great! We enjoyed ourselves and we got some chores done...we lead such exciting lives!

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to a fave restaurant of ours PF Chang's. I am allergic to soy...therefore we have to say the kids are as well. It's the pits for someone like myself who LOVES Chinese food! BUT, PF Chang's is my saving grace! They must have tapped into my psyche as they can make all my faves soy free! YAY! High five!

My kids have never been so we really did not know how this would all turn out! I made sandwiches just in case! We sat outside, mama had a Lemon Drop (OMG they make the best!) and we relaxed in the warm Summer breeze. To our surprise the kids loved it and had a blast! We stepped out of our comfort zones anticipating the worst and they surprised us! Here are some of our fun pictures from yesterday:

First off we spent the entire morning at the park! Little did I know I was hoarding sidewalk chalk in the push car so we did what we had to do and "decorated" the park!

Noah was worried he may get hungry during nap and so he found a great place to store leftovers!

Emily Grace practiced using chopsticks like mommy (I don't need the green thing anymore...I got this thing down! YEARS of practice...oh and a little help from my Japanese class as a kid!). She started out with ritz crackers before dinner came!

Ava Faith mowed down the food I fed her from chopsticks. And she thought it would be nice to share a cracker with all of you too! Such a nice thoughtful little girl!

Before you knew it we had champion chopstick eaters on our hands! Mama was so proud!!

Ava Faith wanted to leave you with a hair raising goodnight!

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