Mommy moments!

11:22:00 AM

I need to share a not so enjoyable, but now can laugh at myself funny thing that happened to me! So, as most of you know Border's is going out of business. For me this is very sad as I love to spend lazy, rainy days in the Fall and Winter with my kids in the children's section! We find so many awesome books this way! It's a stop on date night (don't we sound exciting?!) where we use my husbands smart phone since I don't have one yet...I mean how lame is that?! lol! and type in all the books we want to read. Birthday presents, Christmas presents. You name it! It's like a one stop shop! Anyhow, I went into purchase stuff for our Birthday closet (if you don't have one of these I HIGHLY recommend it! Saves me time and money and with 3 kids and umpteen million parties it's my saving grace!) and you know as a mom we tend to forget to do things for ourselves. Ya know. Like go to the bathroom! I had guzzled down a Starbucks (shocker alert!) and 1/2 way through the store I was like WOW I really need to go! So I went to the sloooooooooow elevators. Loaded my double Bob Dueillie inside (while wearing Mush Mush in the Ergo mind you!) and take the even sloooooooooower trek up to the floor with the potties (do you catch yourself using this word too?!) I run...and I mean RUN to the bathrooms. Kids laughing, baby laughing (cause she is bouncing up and down) looking like a crazy women and guess what. OUT OF ORDER! Homey say what? I was FUMING about to pee my pants! So I take the sloooooooooow elevator back down. Hand my stuff over the counter and ask them to hold the items, where the lady asks "Ma'am can I get your name?" I said YES..."It's I have to go to the bathroom BAD". So I dart out into the pavilion area. Over to the main bathrooms for the mall. Pull the handle's LOCKED! I was literally doing a dance in public! Sweat was dripping from my brow and tears were starting to roll down my cheeks! I mean I have worked SO hard to potty train my daughter and now she is going to see her mommy have an "accident" out in public! I ran across to a fave baby store (Goodnight Room...LOVE! We have bought all of our kids furniture there!) holler inside "Do you have a bathroom?" they said "YES, come in come in"! I ran in...trying to get my Bob through the single wide doors. Get it as far into the store as I can and ask..."Can I just park it here?"! Pull the kids out...RUN as fast as I can and finally...relief! In my daze I look up to see my baby (still in the Ergo) looking up at me and my two big kids standing around me...saying "are you alright mommy?".

I hope your day has plenty of open potty breaks!

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  1. That's funny!!! I know I've done the "potty dance" while waiting for my little ones to hurry up so I can have my turn. They just take their time and laugh at mommy!