Mexico Bound offer!

8:35:00 AM

Have you all heard of Sharing Spree? If not, it's time you DO hear about it! I know for us we love anything involved with philanthropy and for me that was what turned me onto Sharing Spree. Each day's spree's benefit a different non-profit! Today's is Autism Speaks!

Even better is they have amazing local deals at a ridiculous offer to us (when I say ridiculous I mean like dirt cheap!) Today's deal I am SO incredibly excited about! Our family likes to take vacations together and 2 years ago we went to Puerto Vallarta! Had a great time, made lots of memories! Well today's deal happens to be just outside of Cabo! AND it's at 75% off the retail value! That is HUGE! Even's a NEW resort which will be adding on restaurants, spa's etc by the end of September!

Please click on the picture to see a better view! 

The deal is a 4 night stay in a 2 room villa for $285 or a 6 night stay in a 1 room villa for $285! The redemption period is 3 years and the pictures are breathtaking! You can visit the resort website HERE !

So don't be hasty but DO check out the deal at Sharing Spree today! The deal is only 24 hours and you is open to everyone (doesn't matter which State you live in!).

Let me know if you got the spree! Maybe we will see ya in Mexico!

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