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Pick your Plum

8:43:00 AM

I am gonna be honest here...all out in the open. I debated whether or not to share this site because I kinda wanted to keep the goods to myself! But then I had to stop and think "What kind of person would that make me?" So here I am...sharing a fave website of mine that will soon become a fave of yours!

My go to place for a random craft supply deal of the day. The new and awesome website called: Pick Your Plum! Ever heard of it? NO!! Well you are in for a treat today! Pick Your Plum's adorable slogan is "Pick your plum, before your neighbor does" because the quantities they have each day are limited! They only post Monday through Friday and its up at 7 a.m. (MST). I check EVERY morning and have been so bummed when I woke up just a few minutes too late for a killer deal! You can sign up to have the daily deal emailed to you as well! I did! You wanna be part of the "cool crowd" right?! Just teasin! But no, really! Sign up!

Today's deal is going fast, but aren't these adorable?! AND it's only $3 for 10 adorable pins! They research also to get you the cheapest possible shipping!

Are you in love yet? If not now, you will be SOON! So go ahead Pick your Plum!

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