big boy

Lord grant me patience...

3:26:00 PM

As I embark on the wonderful world of...potty training! I will have to be honest with you, from the moment this handsome little man came out I have feared this very day! Like it was a plague! To be even more honest I will have to say I have a fear most of the "p" word. Y'all know what it is. Boys/men know exactly what I am talking about! I am a girl...I do not know what to do with that or how to train THAT to go into a potty. I do not want my home to smell like pee and I really really get grossed out by the thought of my large fabulous bathroom (dry clean only I might add!) rug getting tinkle juice all over it! Ewww!

But. I knew this day had to come. I feared it long enough and I felt it was time to conquer this fear or was it the fact my pediatrician said I really need to get started?! I took my little stud muffin to our fave store. Target. We waltzed over to the big boy undies section with pride and we laid those puppies out on the ground for his better choosing! I completely thought Thomas would win out. His first thought was Mickey Mouse. But in the end. It was Car's!

Now I get to look at this cute little fanny running around my home!

And can I just add that all my fear and anxiety was for nothing! This kid is doing great! It may help we have these puppies on hand for bribes too!

1 M&M for tinkles and 1 cookie for stinkies!

All I know is if you are like me. Living in fear and denial that it will just happen on its own. I say to you...go forth without fear and angst and potty train today!

Oh and as an added disclaimer, if by day 8 frustration has completely hit you to your core...I didn't do it!

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