Straw fun!

1:46:00 PM

I came across these really great, bright colored straws at Target in the $1 section! I just had to get them and do a project with them! Here is what you will need:

Straws...a bunch! Scissors, a container to hold cut straws and we ended up using the pipe cleaners as the yarn didn't work so well!

Cut your straws into various sizes (I did about an inch or so!) they will fling everywhere BEWARE! I did not save the "bendy" part of the straw that was Emily Grace's job to collect and place those in the recycling can!

Let the kids go to town stringing the pipe cleaners! When they are done, twist the ends together and snip off the ends and you have yourself an new bracelet!

The best part about this project is they could have done it for hours and I didn't really need to assist! YAY!

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