Canon Powershot

Ode to a camera...

1:32:00 PM

(to the tune of Brady bunch!)
There was this story of a lovely camera...the owner loved it very very much. Till this one day when her husband dropped it hiking. Now it is one great big ol' bust. Then the owner took it to a sho-op where it will be for the next few the meantime you get to see some no good pictures....OK I should never be allowed to write music!

AND yes...I am still out of commission with my camera and makes me wanna cry! For those out there that want to know I have a Canon Powershot SX110 si and I LOVE my camera! I am very sad with out it and have honestly not been having good luck with our old clunker! lol! But I think of you all often as I try and focus some pictures that looks like I was sitting on the dryer while taking! Oy!

So until my pretty little camera gets back stay tuned for not so good photography shots!

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