front door

Knock Knock knocking...

9:18:00 PM

Now my front door has the flair it needed for when friends come a knockin'! I am so excited that I finally got this project finished! I kid you not I have had the stuff to make this sitting in my garage for months now! Just waiting for me to find some time to get 'er done! We are preparing for a big BBQ for Emily Grace's preschool class at our house next week! So in the meantime we have been doing yard work galore (I was preggo at the end of last summer so I kinda gave up on part of it!) and preparing to have company! Oh and the small project of finishing the HUGE "new to us" play structure! (Thank you Tiffany!)

My sweet Andy came over the other night to help motivate me so I could get my project done!! I love how it turned out!!

First off I chose a grapevine wreath from Michael's...I wanna say it was a 22" wreath (but mama's brain is in full on sleep deprivation mode thanks to wee one getting her first tooth!) I paid like $2.50 for this by using a 50% off coupon!

I started by taking two of the hydrangea leaves (fake of course!) and hot gluing them down.

Next I glued the hydrangea flowers down so each was laying sideways and would hide the gaps in between.

I had found this R at a cute little store on 23rd Street in Downtown Portland! I bought a few different ones and have them randomly through out my house! This one just so happened to need a "new" home and was in the perfect color scheme!

And then finally I added this great "rustic" looking star I found at the store closeout of Craft Warehouse out in Hillsboro! I scored it for a $1!! I just love how it turned out! Finally glams up our front door a bit! Super easy, very inexpensive and all homemade!

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