3 months

Sew stinkin' cute!

5:43:00 PM

OK so I have to admit that I am a total novice pro at sewing! lol! Well....what I really should say is this was my FIRST TIME EVER! A friend of mine said she could show me how to sew a dress for my girls and I had no faith that I would be able to do it! We found a cute dress tutorial here and went to work! I decided since my youngest daughter Ava Faith is a wee bitty of a thing I would start by sewing a dress for her! She is still wearing 3 month sizes! I found cute onesie style tank tops at our local Carter's store and my sweet, kind, very patient friend Elizabeth brought over some fabric she had and I also raided my pile to make the accent pieces.

The 3 month measurements were: 32" x 10" for the main portion of the dress. The belt we did 16" x 1 1/2" and for the bottom portion of the dress we used 16" x 4 1/2"

Here is how mine turned out:

Front View

Back View

My husband was pretty funny when the next morning he said we need to price out fabric and work in time so we can add them to my website! HA! I had a good laugh! Does her realize it took me 4 hours, 1/2 bag of pistachio nuts, a few tootsie rolls and a full glass of wine to make this one?! Mama may have mad skills but these skills needs some practice!

Here is my sweet little Mush Mush modeling it for you all! Happy Sewing!

**Please ignore the piles of stuff on the floor behind me! I am preparing a ton of stuff for NW Children's Outreach which is housed in our church and is a FABULOUS organization!!

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