Hop to it!

3:09:00 PM

I found the cutest idea here at Eighteen25 and knew I had to try it out with my Emily Grace! We had so much fun doing it!! She hand delivered them to her friends in a plastic Easter basket!

We found CUTE scrapbook pieces at Joanne's Fabric that were the perfect size for our snack sized baggies! We threw in large marshmallows for the bunny tails (and added in Chocolate Chips for an added bonus...get your mind outta the toilet! lol!) We attached the cute saying to the scrapbook pages that we had pre-folded in half and used good ol' glue dots! Reminds me, I am now out! Gotta add it to the shopping list!

Doesn't the finished product look adorable?!! We sure loved it! And we also enjoyed eating chocolate chips as we added them to the bag! We stapled out cute little papers to the bags! (pink staples...of course!)

We drove around in the swagger wagon while she hand delivered them! She said "Happy Easter" as she handed them over! It was a lot of fun and I think she felt extra proud as she did it herself!

Hoppy Easter!!

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  1. Like it! Next time you do some craft stuff with the kids you should let me know. B is getting old enough that I think she'd really enjoy it and a good excuse to get together! :)