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Make it Monday

9:36:00 AM

For some reason I have the song "let's hear it for the boys" stuck in my head this morning. DON'T ask! Couldn't tell ya! lol! For today's craft project I did an easy table topiary for the dinner table for the kids to enjoy! I found the cute little "basket" in the Easter section at Target and bought the oasis at the Dollar Store (same with the ball I made the rose topiary with!) The "stick" is a pencil one of the kids got at a birthday party!

First off you are going to take a large styro-foam ball and make crepe paper roses that you will hot glue on. I found this great tutorial here at The Idea Room which is one of my fave sites to follow! I then stuck the pencil into the styro-foam ball and then removed so I could fill the hole in with hot glue. I then stuck the pencil back into the hole and finished covering the ball with the roses!

You will then take your oasis and stick it in the bottom of your "base" of the topiary. I did use hot glue to get it set down inside!

Then take the end of the pencil and make a hole into the middle of the oasis and fill in the hole with hot glue so that the topiary stem will stay put like a tree trunk! You will then fill the basket with any color of shredded paper! I found mine in the gift wrapping section (once Target!)

And here is the finished product! I put it in the center of the dining room table for when the kids woke up to eat their breakfast! I think I might put Easter eggs in the grass of it on Easter morning! The kids thought it was great! Which made my morning!

Happy crafting!!

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  1. Oh my! This darling! An online friend of mine (Danielle Flanders) made these and you just reminded me I need to make these with my lil girlie! Thanks for sharing!