Holiday Moments with Goldfish Crackers

7:00:00 AM

My most favorite part of the holidays...sharing it with these little hands. These tiny hands are what make the holiday moments magical. A huge thank you to Pepperidge Farms for choosing my little family. You have no idea how "Goldfish obsessed" this household is! We decided to show our readers a favorite in our household. We take the play on "GORP" and make it our own. Pretty much every single party in our home involves our take on "GORP". Watch the video for yourself!

I love that Goldfish are baked with real cheese. They contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and I can feel good about giving them to my little people.

The ingredients can be anything that you like.

The holidays can be chaotic. Add in school, parties, sports and more and well...this leaves little time for moments alone together. I hope this gives you a simple and easy snack that fills your home with laughter and smiles. Another favorite using Goldfish crackers can be found HERE!

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