Go Big

GO big or go home!

11:53:00 PM

Every once in awhile you get someone who waltzes into your life who changes the atmosphere. Uplifts and enlightens. Someone who is already going down the path you have passed but may have forgotten. But this very special person can be a guide for your most special person. That would be our babysitter. I have actually known her since she was a kid! I have watched her grow into a teenager and she is being a shining example for my preteen. WOAH. How odd it is to say that! As my big gets, erm...bigger! She has an opinion about pretty much everything. But this is one of the many things I love about her. It's also why I am thrilled to bits that I learned about a NEW product from Yoplait. Go Big. <---- yup! The makers of Go-Gurt have made a radical new version for my tween and teen in my life!

Say goodbye to embarrassment. OK...not if Mom is around! But, no more fuss or hassle and a whole lot cooler. Not only are they bigger, and completely revamped BUT. The way to open them is even better! You simply grip and rip. No more tearing to the sides. They are truly that simple!

A great snack for after cheer. Or a toss in for lunch. Made from real fruit and without artificial sweeteners or coloring, yet has just the right amount of sweetness. My girls were ready to flip!

Go Big comes in 2 different 8-count variety packs and can be found at most retailers. Yoplait Go Big fuels the amazing in amazing teens!

Do you have a teen or tween in your life? Do you have a dream of giving them the spotlight? You have a chance to win by simply going HERE for teens OR HERE for your tween! It is that easy! 

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