Gobble it up

3:22:00 PM

Oh. Em. CAPITAL G...

Fuh-real y'all, from the moment this box arrived I was straight up overjoyed. I have tried many by mail meal programs. But this one. This one right here. It takes the cake. First off, fresh ingredients. Easy to read instructions and did I mention it takes like 10 minutes for the HOMEMADE fresh delectable recipes?! I wish our computers had a "smell here" button so you could get a whiff of the delectable aroma! I would like to introduce you to...gobble. My guess on why they named their company Gobble...because you want to gobble it up. I know, I am ridonkulously punny! I get it from my dad!

This is what the contents of a meal look like...there were cookies as well. Emphasis on WERE. I opened my box live for my family and friends and one of the questions was how many did one serving feed (this was a serving) it was enough for Pdaddy, myself and a little bit of leftovers. Pricing is pretty reasonable, I think. Especially since it is like homemade or even restaurant quality. BUT prepackaged, measured and super simple to make in a lickity split amount of time.

For my family that is something we lack...time. You see we have 4 kids. 3 of which play sports. 1 of which plays 2 sports. We have 1 day out of the week we have no sports. 1 day. That is it. Have I told you how sleep deprived I am? I LOVE to make food from scratch, but let's face it. These days if it is not made in my crockpot after I drop the kids to school...it's not gonna happen. We have had days we are so tired, we eat cereal for dinner.

Not anymore! I am jumping on the coupon bandwagon! Yup, there is a discount of $50 off your first box all by clicking this link HERE. Easy! The cost is pretty reasonable especially for the quality and amount you receive!

Not pictured in my fave meal I tried was the cucumber salad (never made it out of the container!) or the cookies...my inner cookie monster couldn't wait. You know what a cookie looks like, if not. Message me and I will describe it to you!

I love that not only do you describe your allergies before ordering, but there are kid friendly options as well. Meals change weekly and should be used within 5 days of receiving the box to ensure freshness.

My family gives this Gobble the stamp of approval. They haven't heard the last from us!

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