The Life We Never Expected

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Sometimes you just need to know you are not alone. We are all dealing behind closed doors with something, but when you have a child who is dealing and you are coping the only way you know is refreshing to hear similar stories. It makes you feel a sense of normalcy.

When I was asked to read The Life We Never Expected  I just KNEW it was going to be THAT book for me. No, we don't deal with the same sort of "special needs". But knowing the feelings I have are pretty dang similar to other moms out there lightens my brain a bit.

My son's battle with Anxiety and Depression is overwhelming. We have days that are fantastic, and most days he is on hyper overload. I am constantly reminding him to calm his body. Quiet his voice. Or I am having to calm his emotional outbursts. If someone is sick, his anxiety goes into overdrive and the OCD comes out. He has to shower, have his clothes washed, change his clothes and then we typically need to give him an anxiety med so he doesn't work himself into an anxiety attack where he will eventually make himself sick. Like...literally. It is awful to experience and some days the coping mechanisms we have learned through therapy don't even help. We were on a really good path and his brain got comfortable and so now we start again. It takes a whole lotta coffee and prayer!

I feel God beside me as I cope. I hear Him whispering thoughts into my head when I try to find a resolution to the issue at hand. Take movies for example, they are too loud. This was never an issue until the anxiety reared its ugly head. The sound will build up anxiety within him and it starts with needing to go to the bathroom. Then, his head hurts. He doesn't feel good. His hands go over his ears and you can pretty much kiss watching the movie peacefully goodbye. I remember watching him one heart ached. But I was clear minded and then it hit me. Tie a sweater around his head to help block the sound.

Until we locate noise-cancelling headphones, I praise God for His whispers. Until we find a way to keep the anxiety at bay, and we are always working towards that goal. I turn to God. And I turn to other parents with whom I can commiserate with...even if it's through the pages of a book!

I am giving one book away! You must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. or Canada resident. I pray you find comfort when reading its pages.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your parenting experiences with us and for the awesome book recommendation. I look forward to reading it myself. Big blessings!