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Guess what? I am a Jamberry Nails consultant. I have been since May 26th of this last year...but in the almost year that I have been selling Jamberry, unless you were to follow me on Instagram and see my weekly Jamicure, are a friend whom I speak to on a regular basis or physically bring it up to me, you probably wouldn't know it. You know why? I am not a spammer. You see, recently all of us multi-Level marketing men and women were lumped together in a post that went viral. While it hurt mine and many other's feelings (including men and women who are not MLM-related), I will not stoop to the same level and bash. The reason? I am happy. I am so incredibly happy for what GOD has placed before me. And I really have no need to! The world can be such a negative place that I do not feel the need to add to it! Is it for everyone? No. Should everyone be doing it? I think it takes a certain type of person, so no. Not everyone is cut out for it. But I kindly ask you do not lump us all together. It is rude, unkind and just not ladylike.

I lead a team of almost 700 women (and 1 guy!). They all joined on their own and were not pressured into joining. We did not perform a "Jamberry chant" and seduce them into our "nail cult". I teach my team to work their business with kindness, integrity and we work very hard at not "spamming" our friends and family. We are proud to wear our "nail stickers," and even before Jamberry many of us were childlike and used ones made by Sally Hansen and other store brands. The only difference being now our nails stay pretty for a heck of a whole lot longer.

I am a mom of 4. My husband works extremely hard for us, but a family of 6 is a big undertaking. Unfortunately, we have had moments of "new shoes or veggies for dinner". We couldn't afford to pay for sports and extracurricular activities for our children...unless I was working too. I taught Music and Movement classes for a few years 1 night a week in the evenings. This made it so I could help with our necessities. The only problem? I was an emotional train wreck and completely exhausted from creating lesson plans and having to leave my babies behind. Yep, I am one of THOSE who despite having dreams of owning my own business, I wanted to be a wife and mommy. I want to be there for each and every tear that falls. To celebrate the triumphs and to watch these incredible tiny humans grow -- grow in confidence and grow in love. I wanted them to see ME working hard for THEM.

I know...this sounds REALLY old school, right? I mean...didn't women burn their bras in honor of women's rights? Are THEY really worth it?

To me they are.

I have this friend (OK, there you go jumpin' to conclusions! Let me finish my sentence!) I have known her for a while. She did not friend me to immediately regurgitate down my throat. Instead, she simply had posted a picture saying she was looking for 3 hostesses for the month of April. Being a FRIEND, I said "Sure! I will! But I am not going to join." She laughed and told me, NO worries. I also warned her I would probably hate the products as I had tried similar ones that came out in my hair. She laughed at that and sent me some for my daughters and me to try.

I fell in love. I mean. I LOVE to do something that is EASY and makes me feel pretty, makes me feel spoiled, and that I can do from home. I have probably 50 bottles of nail polish, and every single type of "drying drops" or spray you can find. But it always ended with nails that were globby or had sheet marks. I was sold. But then...when I had people COMMENTING when THEY saw me saying, "OH my gosh! Do you sell these? I want some," that I decided to take the plunge. A whole 6 weeks later I drank the Jam juice and plunged head first into what naysayers have dubbed a pyramid scheme. (more on this later).  I work very hard at not spamming my friends. I try to keep my Facebook page my personal life. Jamberry has become a part of that, but I don't cram it down their throats. Have I added anyone to a group without asking them first. Sure, but in the same sense I am added to a book club for a bunch of us rowdy Portland Blogger's who like to have a good ol' time of reading books, drinking coffee and spending some time together. As friends. As in everything it is called moderation, and when I am added to another birthday party, baby shower or housewarming party, I know that if I want to leave, I can press "leave group" and quietly be on my way. Same goes with the wonderful world of MLM.

How many friends do I have that sell for an MLM? I dunno. A bunch. A few started to help bring in funds for their adoptions. A few to snag stuff they wanted at a discount. Then there are some like me who did it to be home with the ones they love. But you know what?  I don't judge them, ridicule them or boldly jump down their throats when I am asked if I could host a Noonday party. If I can't do it, I kindly let them know I am not interested. Or I can say yes. This is called being a big girl. Using your words and doing as mama always taught us when we were little -- "If you don't have nothing nice to say. You simply say nothing at all."

Jamberry has been life-changing for my family. I have gained confidence in myself and am less stressed out as I get to CHOOSE what I want to do with my day. I can work for myself whenever I want. We can take trips, and we have been working towards living completely debt-free. Our company doesn't want us to share how much we make. You know why? Because  it's rude. It's called being a show-off and we don't need to toss that in your face. I can tell you, I make more than I ever have even when working in law. I no longer get the "after Target" talk from my Mr. If my children want to buy frozen yogurt after the game, I no longer have to worry if it will come from the envelope marked groceries or the one marked electricity. We can live freely. We donate and we support others. To see what Jamberry has done for others like me, simply search the hashtag #BecauseofJamberry on Instagram and other social media outlets. Some will make you cry. Extreme poverty, abusive relationships -- they are now thriving.

Jamberry has taken my husband and I on a much needed FIRST TIME AWAY from the kids ever on an all expense paid trip to Cancun. I got really tan, made some incredible friends, slept in and rekindled the relationship I have with my husband. It was divine. OH, and the best part? They didn't stick hot coals in my shoes and force me to do anything I didn't want to. Nope, instead they cheered me on and mailed me all kinds of cool stuff when I made my own personal goals. And they ask me about my kids because the ones that started the company are moms. Moms with the same mindset as me.

Will everyone be successful? No. You get what you put into it.

Do you need to spam your friends? Nope. If they want it, they know where to find you.

Will I pressure you to join my team? Nope, cause if you want to join my team you will. And if you don't, I am OK with that too.

OH here is a good one...

All MLM's are a pyramid scheme. UM. First off, how OLD are you? The government would take us down and serve us our tookus' on a platter. I do not have excessive amounts of inventory. OH WAIT. I don't have ANY inventory! That is because I don't need to! I have the products I use personally...but if you want something and you're not my mom, daughters, sisters, nieces or bff? Get your hands off my jams cause I ain't sharing! I suggest you look up articles and actually do research on Pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Just like every company, you always have someone above you and below you with a different title who makes money off of what YOU bring in/do. That is called work. Workin' for the man. Workin' 9-5 (anyone else picture Dolly Parton there?!). The difference with MLM's? The support. The mocked "sisterhood". I can only speak for Jamberry when I say we work hard at supporting one another. If a "sister" is down...we do everything we can to lift her back up again. When a bride of a consultant fell in love with the shoes in the catalog...you know what Jamberry did? They gave them to her. Yep. We are so awful, aren't we?

I don't care if you don't like my "nail stickers". I don't care if you don't want to have tarantula lashes (Yep, I was added to a party. I bought and guess what? I love it! I will take another tube of tarantula please!). I care about treating others with integrity and kindness and having a heart. I wish you luck in your new book that you were NOT spamming out to us, and also wanted to say good luck with your chipped polish. Because after all...you are a grown woman who stopped playing with stickers in Kindergarten. I guess it must be the art major in me, cause my love for stickers never faded. And I guess that is why I am such a good mom. I can unwind, let loose and have fun.

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