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5 tips to potty training success

10:06:00 PM

{A hugely warm thank you to Huggies for sponsoring this post. Your pretty radtastic!}

Oh yes, you can see correct. We are still in potty training mode. This time we are focusing on night time potty training. Day time is going pretty smoothly (we have recently had some regression) Due to the accidents I decided it's time to try something else. We are trying the Huggies brand Pull-Ups and the Doc McStuffins ones are my sweet Mushy's absolute favorite!

I wasn't sure how she would "take" us forcing her into Pull-Ups. But I think she could see the frustration we were desperately trying to hide each morning. Every morning. Like EVERY SINGLE DAY...that we had to strip her bedding and rewash her sheets. On average girls are not fully potty trained (meaning day AND night) until about 5 or 6 years of age. Boys are even longer. I cannot tell you how happy I was that my pediatrician filled us in on that little tidbit!

To make her feel like she is still a "big girl" we found a cute bin and she proudly put her pullups inside and up on a shelf in her bathroom. This way we can easily access them I.C.O.A.A. {in case of an accident if you don't speak code!}

There are days I feel like I am going to pull my hair out. But by joining in the Pull-Ups Big Kids Academy I felt a bit better that. Well. I wasn't in this alone! Things I have learned on this journey...the 3rd time around is:

1. Ya don't need the dang tiny potty seats. Potty inserts or anything else that you stick next to or in your toilet. Just a good ol' fashioned stool works wonders in our home. The training seat was only used for teddy bare bums actually sat upon it. And in the end with my oldest 2, I was kinda thankful as that was one more thing to train them away from!

2. M&M's are actually for the mommy. Each pee 10. Each poopy in the pants episode...take 20 and chase em' with a latte.

3. You can never have too many pairs of panties, undies or Pull-Ups. There is no such thing.

4. Poop talk is ALWAYS appropriate. As well as poop jokes, made up words about poop and anything fart related. Fact.

5. In the end, this too shall pass. I thought I would NEVER get my oldest 2 potty trained and they both received a Masters Degree in fully pooping on their own. I cried. Tears of joy streamed down my face. They can even do this in public. And in porta potties {I will be honest, I am still working on this one myself!}

You can join today and get all kinds of wonderful tips and tricks from people that truly know what they are talking about! Click below to enroll! It's free and it's easy. Win win!

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