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Guest Post with Jessica from 4th & Market

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Hi Y'all! My name is Jessica Stansberry and I own a digital design boutique called 4th & Market where we specialize in WordPress Blog, Website design, graphic design & social media marketing. I've been designing as long as I can remember, from sketching out brochures for my business ideas in middle school (seriously, lol) to studying Advertising in college and now, full-circle, to owning my own graphic design firm!

I started professionally designing while in college and turned it into a full-time business after my first son was born in 2010. Let me tell ya, I LOVE what I do! I heard the saying, "pick a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life" once before starting my business and it really hung with me, I KNEW that I needed to be here, doing what I love every.single.day and I couldn't be more appreciative!

Wanna see some of my favorite designs? Make sure you visit the portfolio on my site (which is still under construction) but here are two of my favs.
custom WordPress blog design custom WordPress website design

Any who, Aleisha invited me here today to share a little about my business with y'all and maybe even offer you a discount ::commence squealing:: Before I get to the REALLY good part, how about you stop by my blog and read up on some of my most popular posts like Why WordPress trumps Blogger (and other free platforms), Why you should NOT design your own site or even how I organize my Digital photos.

Psst: I just recently rebranded and have been sorting through a new website design and cleaning out old blog posts so ignore the cobwebs. ok, now that you know about me I wanted to offer y'all a discount! Woop woop! As I mentioned above, I design blogs and since I figure a lot of you guys have blogs (since you're reading a blog) and/or your own small business websites (or you want to have your own small business website) I want you to know that I'd LOVE to design a blog/website for you! So...how about a 20% discount (you also have the opportunity to get more of a discount by paying up front and purchasing hosting through an affiliate link)!?!?!? To take advantage of this discount, head over and fill out a New Project Form and reference the code BRITCHESANDBOOTS to get 20% off your quote! This is the perfect time to convert your blog from Blogger to WordPress or get a new design! Thanks Aleisha for having me!

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