Handmade {Homemade} for the Holidays - DIY Flower Hair Clip with Susannah

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What a blessing it is to have my friends join in for the Handmade/Homemade for the Holidays series! I love seeing what they come up with and watching them let their creativity flow! Today I get to introduce you to Susannah! We are BOTH PNW Bloggers! {Oregon girls represent!} And she is truly inspirational. This girl doesn't talk the talk she actually walks the walk and its one thing I admire greatly about her! She is a truly a love! Be sure to follow along with her on Facebook as well! Thank you sweetie for joining in!

Hi, lovely ladies!  I'm Susannah and I blog over at Simple Moments Stick.  When Aleisha contacted me about sharing a Christmas craft on her blog I got all excited!  I love Christmas and I love crafting.  Nothing else could be better, right?

I love whimsical, fun, girlie accessories.  Most summer days I can be found with a fun fabric flower tucked up in my hair.  The other day I got to thinking, why can't I wear flowers in my hair in the winter too?  That thought gave birth to this project.  (Kinda like Mary gave birth to the baby Jesus...  See what I did there?  I totally make this post about the baby Jesus.)
Are you interested in your very own holiday flower?  Here's how to make your own...

Fabric Christmas Flowers (I got mine at the Dollar Store)
Extra Large Bobby Pin
Hot Glue Gun
Scissors (Not Shown)


Step 1:
Cut the flower away from the stem and cut two circles out of the felt, large enough to cover the plastic portion of the underside of the flower.


Step 2:
Hot glue on felt circle to the underside of the flower.


Step 3:
Sandwich one half of the bobby pin between the two pieces of felt.  The layers should be flower, felt, 1/2 bobby pin, other piece of felt, other half of bobby pin.  Hot glue the two pieces of felt together.


Step 4:
Marvel at your beautiful hair piece.


This is something that can be worn anywhere from a casual day at home, to the office, or even to a holiday cocktail party.  Stop by Simple Moments Stick and let me know where you wore your flower.  I'd love to see pictures if any of you make one too!

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