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Mug Swap 2013

8:16:00 PM

Last month I joined in the "great Mug Swap of 2013" with A Cuppa Kim. What? You've never met?! Well go on now...don't be shy! Introduce yourself! I am sure Kim would love to meet you! Now...I am not going to lie...when I got my partner I literally shopped for MYSELF but in her favorite colors (OK so her favorite color is green and she loves polka dots...so I kinda went green and went more turquoise!) Yes...I pretended I was boxing this up for myself! But come on now...who wouldn't do that?!  I prayed over my gift recipient with each item I bought! I was so excited!!

A large areal view of what I added inside! And now...lets break it down!

I am slightly OVERLY smitten with Anthropology! Want to know something you could get me? Just walk in that store! Its VERY easy to find a perfect gift! I held about 20 cups in my hand before I decided on this beauty!! Isn't it sweet? And no...I do not yet have one in my collection but by golly...one day I will! I found the cute towel at Target (and of course NOW they have a coffee one! GO figure!)

I found the chocolate bar at Target and said UH...hello lovely! You are coming with me!! The M&M's...well...they are green and round...like polka dots!! The earrings I made and then I had a vision of an awesome drawing in my head...that would be like a "Pinterest Fail" or "vision fail"! But I wrote my note on the back!

If you are sending a coffee mug for a MUG swap...you NEED something to go inside right?! Well...enter Starbucks! My barista was shocked when I pulled up and didn't order myself a coffee! I gave mine up for a day to share the love! Yes...yes I know! I deserve a medal! A gold star will suffice! The little cup pack thingie you see I found at Anthropology too (go figure!) and it has stickers and labels inside! Cutest thing ever!! I added a family picture so she could see who the crazy was behind the package! And I made the bunting for an added something!

To jot down her thoughts...I figured she needed a...wait for it...green pen! And a cutesy little note pad. The gum...well that is for after she drinks her coffee of course!

I had such a fun time shopping for me Ahem...I mean her! I was overjoyed to hear she loved it! Her husbands comment was "its like Christmas!" I hope it found her smiling and feeling blessed! Until next year!! I cannot wait! Will it be you?!
Mug Swap!

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  1. You tricked me!!! lol! I thought you were doing it! Like your ornament one at Christmas. I was so excited! lol! Oh well, I am on a coffee mug quest to replace all my boring ones. Off to anthropology I go :) Thanks!

    1. OH NO!! lol! I am so sorry! Hey November will be here before we know it!! I am gonna add "ideas" to the mix too!! xoxoxo

  2. First off I would love every item in this package, I don't know how you managed to send it off and not keep for yourself!!!

    You are so sweet and thoughtful!!!