I've loved you from the start...

12:00:00 AM

In every single way...and more each passing day. I have loved you from the start. You are my heart, my soul, my everything. You are the one who makes my life whole. Our love is not defined by flowers and heart shaped boxes, fancy jewelry or expensive price tags. But instead our love is much more. The gentle touch of your hand on my back, the sweet gestures of emptying the dishwasher because you know its my least favorite part. How you ask me every Sunday afternoon if I want an egg sandwich with a devilish grin as you know eggs are my least favorite. Did you know we belong together? I love how you giggle when your angry. The freckle above your top lip is my most favorite. Your eyes change different shades of blue with your moods or outfits. I know the tones in your voice, the looks on your face. You are my home. You are my heart.

Do you know my heart is yours? I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you. Head over heels you roped the moon and took down the stars. You are my yin to my yang. My blackberry jam to my PB&J. My peanut butter to my M&M's. You are my soul.

Did you know you still take my breath away? My heart skips a beat when you come close? Or that my belly still fills up with butterflies with each kiss? You are kind, gentle, sincere, honest, loyal. Your heart is not defined by temptations of this world, but instead your heart is defined by God Himself. Your love transcends through me. You make me whole. You know my love language can easily be filled with a Venti no whip caramel ribbon crunch frappe or picking up groceries with extras on your way home from work. You are my encourager.

After 4 children, 4 losses and almost losing my own life...you have stood by me. You gave me a should to cry on when I endured the pain of losing a parent. Then my favorite uncle a few months after. You may not always find the words to say, but your heart says it all. You have never pushed me to change. When I am feeling self conscious you sense it and tell me I am beautiful. Even if I don't believe you! You are strong, kind and gentle. You are quiet to some...yet I know the real truth! You are witty, remarkable, sensible. You leave your stuff out all over the counter day after day, but you know what? You have never left the toilet seat up! Can I tell you a secret? Promise not to tell?

I leave the bowl of cookie dough out and walk away for a brief second on purpose. I read your text messages and listen to your voice mails over and over again to feel your close when you are away. I have been known to wear your shirts to bed when you are away for work. The kids and I time you when we see you pick up the newspaper and a cup of coffee oh and the mint tins in the car...I leave those out on purpose cause I know you love them.

You don't care that my smile is crooked, I stutter when I am tired or that my ears stick out of my hair. You have watched my hair change colors over the years...and lengths. Some you haven't liked but of course like any good husband you kept quiet till I was onto the newest style of the moment. You know that I cannot tell a lie...I instantly give in and tell the truth! I am horrible about surprises and you have taken on the challenges that marrying a farm girl has its advantages...and disadvantages. My vocabulary may shock some in moments of frustration. But at the end of the day you always have my back. You steady my heart.

I love being your wife. I love being your lover, your friend and your confidant. 8 years ago 2 kids became 1. In that time period we bought a house, bought a car...had a daughter and you became a father...

We became 4...

then 5...

and then the final act to the Rust production as our family is now complete...we are now a family of 6.

The very thought of you my love, I'm so happy. Content. Overjoyed and most of all blessed to call you mine. You have made these 8 years magical in ways you will never know. You have been my rock through challenges, hardships and for me major losses. I am so thankful for you. I pray for you every day. And to think it all started over a late night chat and a bag of peanut butter M&M's. I love more each day. Happy anniversary my love...my heart. My soul mate.

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  1. delightful! This is what love is supposed to feel like:)

  2. This is so very precious! A very, very happy anniversary to you!

  3. What a beautiful testimony this post is! I love it! You guys are so cute together, oh and that second pic?? Sexy!! Congratulations!

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful post! :)

  5. A beautiful post and the photos perfectly capture it all. Happy anniversary!