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Simple Canvas Art

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As you know I have been making sure I stay within a certain budget for the redo. Any extra after the furniture was to be taken from items I have sold on the Get er' Gone page I started (read the blog post HERE!) One of the things I really wanted to was to update my bedroom walls. The art wasn't really my style anymore! I have seen on Pinterest canvas' where they take wooden letters attach and then spray paint it white. Always its white! But I wanted something to go along with my room! So I used the paint that started the whole "color change" for my room from my master bathroom and created what you see above!

You will start with a bare canvas (I went with the 16x16 size I found at Joannes for $9.99. I then used a 50% off coupon!) I covered my counters with parchment paper and then painted with the bathroom paint I have left over a total of 3 coats. Letting each coat dry in-between. The paint is a semi-gloss sheen. I had a preggo moment and deleted a photo of my placing the wooden letters onto the canvas! Oh yes, my daughter took it and you could see the big ol' belly hanging over as I worked on the floor!  GAH! Don't laugh too hard would ya! will attach your wooden letters that are plain...wood (I bought the fancier ones at Michael's I want to say they were like $4 for a package and I used 2 to get all the letters I needed!) To attach the wooden letters I used trusty ol' E6000 glue. I added a heart too as you can see!  My fave go to for every craft project glue! I then let it dry a few hours before I painted just directly over the letters (making sure I got in the cracks really well etc!) And voila! there you have it! A very reasonable piece of art work for your wall! Have a blessed day!

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  1. This is adorable! I made one similar to this for our bedroom wall that says "I am his and he is mine." I also modpodged a wedding picture of us on it. :-)

  2. OK, I may have to try this one. I love it!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It's fun, give it a look-see.

  3. The canvas art on "love is patient love is kind" is awesome. This is perfectly fit for bedroom wall. I like the way in which you painted using a semi-gloss sheen. established name signs