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Valentine Garland

10:30:00 AM

I was looking for something cute, yet easy to do for my mantel...the elusive mantel that has a lovely love seat in front of it {due to lack of space with large furniture!} I was given some super cute mini clothespins from my sweet friend Steph over at Crafting in the Rain...I had been staring at them for like a month as they spoke "use me...use me!" I also have a crazy stash of bakers twine that I use for decorating my packages before I ship off my Bliss Baby Designs orders. AND THEN...have you seen the adorable colors of felt you can buy at Joanne's fabrics these days? Holy moly at 39c each I could go crazy and my husband can't get mad for over spending!!

You will need felt (I used 2 different colors), scissors, twine and mini clothespins (you can find them at Michael's or most craft stores! Remember if you don't find a specific color you like...spray paint is your friend!) and bakers twine.

I start by folding my felt over about an inch and a 1/2. I then just cut out a heart shape. You will need to eye ball it for your next ones! Literally that is the hardest part of it! You will then hang your twine across your mantel and cut to the size/length you would like. I then just made a pattern with my hearts and the clothespins! And you are done!.

Did you notice the mason jar up on my mantel too??!! OH me oh my my sweet Emily Grace is the mastermind behind that and I LOVE it! We went to an art crafting place and she found the heart doilies, the jar and the paints and went to town! We put a fake candle inside and she is tickled pink its the center of our holiday decor!

And then there is the button heart picture I made last year simply by attaching glue dots to the backs of buttons and placing on the front part of a $1 store frame! I put cute scrapbook paper on the inside of the frame to help it to stand out.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Simple and cute! I love it...(and may copy you!)

    1. YAY! Sarah!! I hope you do!! It was soooo easy and inexpensive!!