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Update on Baby

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I just love this picture my bestie Michelle of Chelletography took! Can't believe this was 10 weeks ago now! WOW! Things have been going great this pregnancy! I feel her move daily and she is a mover and a groover! We are SO excited for her arrival! My c-section date has been moved due to new hospital policies so we are having her on a Monday (April 15th) instead of a Friday (April 12th). I will be taking a few weeks off from blogging during that time as I tend to have a slower recovery from the surgery! But you can follow me on Instagram to see what we are up to (@britchesnboots). I feel like I have just POPPED out this week! I am 29 weeks! I decided to do a comparison of pictures over the past few months which was kind of fun to see! OH and if you didn't hear my announcement on Facebook, we have finally decided on the name! She will be Olivia Joy (so we have Emily Grace, Noah, Ava Faith and then...). Its been a tough decision for us (all but the middle name!) as we also loved the name Bekah! Its super sweet to hear my 2 year old call my belly "Livy" and the big kids are already calling her "Livy Love"!

I felt big back in these pictures! And then comes the next:

Because we live in a small home and are gaining a 6th person I will be doing an entire room re-do. THIS TIME...its my own! I am embarrassed that I am actually going to show you how Paul and I live...I mean our room is the ONLY room in the entire house we have done nothing to. We also have a desk in our room when Noah entered our world! So with Olivia's pending arrival I have been given the go ahead to re-do our room...but. We are on a budget! I am going to re-do our entire room for under $600 and that includes new furniture! I will post a before picture of my entire room soon and explain some of my ideas! Then when I am done I will show you the reveal! I can hardly contain my excitement! Something I have wanted to do for 7 years now! Last but not least a belly shot of me...29 weeks! Have a blessed day!

 {I just realized I basically have an obsession with stripes this pregnancy!}

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  1. Wow, you really have popped!! It's adorable! :-) I love the name you picked out!

  2. Hey it's Lindsey :) wasn't sure if you would be able to tell from my blog I don't often update ;)

    Love her name!! Livy Love. So sweet! THAT is exactly what I can't wait for when we have another one.. The sibling love. Olivia Joy is perfect and eeee I can't wait to see her! :)

    And.. I can't wait to see your room re-do. My husband and I have never done anything in our room either! Last year we got new furniture, but that's it. Nothing on the walls... Nothing on the dresser to decorate.. Nothing really on the night stands but alarm clocks, and half empty bottles of water... 6 years this summer it is for us that I've been wanting a nice bedroom :) still waiting :) have fun!!!