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Not gonna lie...I had a heck of a weekend! We went to my parents house just outside of Sunriver and we were THRILLED...but on the way ALMOST there we smelled something. And it wasn't pretty! Oh yes...Mushy had "mushed" out her diaper ALL over herself, the car seat and it was the most disgusting thing yet! Mind you she is 2! We laughed and joked about it as she sat stripped down in her car seat sitting on a blanket the last 45 minutes of the drive. We called my parents to warn them a bath and laundry load were gonna happen STAT!

We didn't think much of it and the next day was Thanksgiving.

{ Possibly the next Ramblin Rod?! Please for the love of Pete do not tell me I just dated myself?! }

All seemed well. Food was had, movies were watched and we had NO plans of leaving for the Black Friday madness! No thank you! I would much rather cuddle on the couch!

I was super excited as Friday was planned out to head into Sunriver, explore the holiday fair they had going on. Eat some delicious grub and watch the tree lighting. Unfortunately...we woke up to other plans. Mushy woke up with a "yucky" diaper. Then almost immediately had another...then within 2 hours we had changed 4 of these completely gross, nasty, liquid style diapers. I thought OH we go. Sure enough she awoke from nap COVERED in it! Straight to the bath she went. Paul was helping my step dad with his food cart at the festival so of course it was me, 3 kiddos and thankfully my mom! She ran out for pedialite, calmoseptine (the BEST diaper rash cream EVER!) and take out!We declared it a movie/pj night since the thought of leaving and having more of a mess on our hands did not even sound like fun!

Not gonna lie. I was freaking out inside! AFTER all...we were due to leave the next day in a 4 hour car ride back home! Ummm...can we say fun? The next day she woke up and had a few we left immediately after a diaper change. Loaded up and hit the road. Poor thing was so tired! She slept until we picked up coffee and we prayed the whole ride home that there would be no "stops"! Thankfully we made it home where we picked up Papa Murphy's and went home for relaxing. She did her business once we unloaded the car! We had an angel looking over us!
{ I called Noah a stud muffin...he replied "No. I like strawberries."! Boy cracks me up! }
This morning we awoke to stench so bad I almost threw up. I immediately called the doctors office and although she is not running a fever, not vomiting, not eating, barely drinking..doc said she has a virus and will have to let it run its course. I hate seeing doctors that are not my own. They are not as warm with their patients! I asked if she thought anyone else would get it at this point as Noah has surgery next week (more on this later!) and she replied that she doesn't have a crystal ball and couldn't tell me. Ummm....could you be anymore rude? Your dealing with a 20 week pregnant mom of 3 who has had little to no sleep, dealing with a poor sick child whom you are worried to death about and you say that. Open mouth...insert foul word here ________________________________. So far she has still not eaten tonight. But now she is snug in her bed and I am praying that tomorrow will be a bright, brand new, FRESH day! No sickies, no yuckies...just normal!
BUT, to keep myself positive and upbeat I thought I might play a game with you! CAST your vote to what the sex of the baby will be?!! This post will take the place of tomorrows post as honestly...all I wanna do is veg and possibly sew!! SO here...CAST YOUR VOTE! We find out THIS Friday!

The pictures were taken by my bestie Michelle of Chelletography! And the shoes are by another bestie who up and moved to California last week (I was a mad crazy mess after I left her side! Thank God for Michelle who got me to laugh again!) she has the shop Bananfana Baby! CUTE shoes! You should check them out! I hope you all have a blessed day!

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  1. Oh sweet friend, I am so sorry to hear you have the sickies going on over in your hood too. Blogs are great distraction though aren't they? SO in keeping with distractions, I vote sweet lil baby girl boots. You should know that I'm usually always wrong about these things. So excited to find out with you on Friday

    1. LOL! Thank you! Your comment seriously brightened my cruddy day! HA you crack me up!! FRIDAY is SO close!! Baby love started coming to the surface last night! Was so neat! First time coming up to say "hello"! I think girl as well...but then have sudden moments of NO...its a boy! lol! I guessed the first 3 correct without a doubt so its weird to not have a "for sure" vibe! BUT way too excited for words!! <3