Pickin' pole beans!

10:28:00 PM

Friday I was so sick...have I said that enough yet this pregnancy?! lol! SO sick (as was I all day! Hence why the post is up so late!) Anyhow, I feel horribly as a mom that we are having an amazing Indian Summer. It has been 80 degrees almost everyday and I am so incredibly sick I can't move from either the bathroom or the couch (I actually begged my husband for new toilet seat lids! I told him my face is on them enough I think its fair!) I finally after days of not going out back noticed my pole beans were nice and dried up and ready to be picked! Weird right?! Picking the dried ones! Oh...but there is a method to my madness!

You see the farmer in me (mama...aren't you proud?!) knows that you always let the last of the harvest "seed out"! Meaning you let the last of the beans hang and dry naturally on the vine so that you can collect the seeds for the next years harvest! The best part is its easy for the kids to do and they once again get to reap the benefits of gardening themselves the following year! Win win I tell ya!

We collect the dried beans (you can tell if they are ready because they are "crisp" where as the other ones are soft!) and bring them to the play table where the kids separate the seed from the outer layers of the bean!
So while this guy does this part...

The little puts the seeds in the bag!

The kids love to garden with me! Whether its picking fruits and veggies from the garden to bring in and then cook or actually getting their hands dirty and working in the dirt! I think its good for their soul and great knowledge for them to pass on as they get older! Its NEVER to late to start gardening with your kids! If you are in an apartment or have a tight living situation buckets and tubs work great as well! And the best part about harvesting the seeds is we will not have to fork out the money for more next Spring! Happy gardening!

And if you see a gap in my blogging...most likely this is why! 12 weeks THIS Wednesday! Supposed to be the magic number...right?!

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